Feb 08

Director’s Note

Hello Readers!

If you have stumbled across this blog post, it means you have also discovered our newly renovated website! I simply cannot go any further without many thanks to the volunteers that helped make it possible for Mustard Seed to jump into the web-o-sphere.

Mustard Seed WebsiteThank you to Chad Hicks for setting up our domain and developing the initial framework of our website.  Thank you to Chris Abel for merging our blog with this site and his continued blog maintenance.  And many, many thanks to Kim Adams for her relentless pursuit of a website characteristic of the Mustard Seed spirit.  The design work you see now is the result of many hours she spent to make everything ‘just right.’  And, finally, thanks to all the friends and tech-savvy people who provided their valuable insights along the way.  It was all worth it!

I’ll be stopping by every other Monday to give organizational updates as well as my personal insights into the world of fair trade.  Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing the heart of our mission, vision, and values.   The what, the why, and the how of Mustard Seed Fair Trade, the non profit organization.

Looking forward, I’m sure I will some day share the journey that led me to fair trade.  You’ll learn about the amazing partnerships and connections we are making in Columbia and around the world.  I’ll discuss the principles of fair trade and how we are fulfilling them through those partnerships.  And, you will undoubtedly catch me bragging about our volunteers on a regularly basis as I’ve come to the conclusion that we have the best you can get!

Feel free to leave me comments and topic suggestions along the way.  This afternoon, I simply leave you with best wishes for a wonderful week!

Until next time…

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