Apr 20

Helper from Hickman

Sarah Kammeyer is one of the few volunteers at Mustard Seed Fair Trade who is a Columbia native. As a sophomore at Hickman High School, Sarah has a lengthy laundry list of activities, social events and commitments that keep her moving around town.

Sarah is a member of Amnesty International and National Spanish Honor Society, making her well-versed in foreign relations (muy bueno). She also spends some time volunteering for Special Olympics Missouri.

It was only after curiously wandering into Mustard Seed in January that she began volunteering regularly.

“I felt like I had finally found a place that really just had an all-around good idea to help the world,” says Sarah.

After learning what was exactly “fair” about fair trade, Sarah wishes people knew exactly how buying fair trade products is actually beneficial.

“I think the Mustard Seed is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to help out because customers can feel that their purchase benefits those in need while they’re buying something they really like,” says Sarah.

Although she believes that everything in the story is “pretty awesome stuff,” Sarah was drawn to a particular pair of earrings that serendipitously ended up in her own home.

“They were made of bone and had a black, engraved image of a sun on them,” she says. “I was really bummed out when I saw that someone had bought them one day, but I learned that it had been my own mom!”

Needless to say, Sarah gets to model those earrings every once in awhile after a little coercion to her mother.

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