Aug 26

Be Fair to Yourself (Part 2)

This is a continuation from last week’s post “Be Fair to Yourself.”

Last week I wrote about the growing risks of cancer due to western eating habits.  It’s one of those touchy subjects.  It’s convenient and simple to continue eating fast foods.  And it really just tastes great.  This is part of what it means to be a human being.  We’re not robots.  We want to feel good.  We want happiness.

And the honest truth is, we don’t really make lasting changes to our lifestyles unless they make us feel good.  We don’t change unless it’s really worth the effort.  So here are five positive reasons you should start being fair to yourself:

1)  Eating well is still tasty!

Look at these “Company Muffins” from Simply in Season.  You know these have to be delicious.  There is no reason healthy ingredients cannot also be tasty!

Photo from "nataliecreates" on Flickr

2) You will feel good.

Not only will you have more energy, but you will feel good about yourself.  You are no longer at the whim of your every desire.  You are a whole, balanced, human being!  You care for others and for yourself.

3) You are a better parent.

Dr William Doherty, author of twelve books and leading scholar and educator on the challenges of contemporary family life, states this:

“For young children, meal time at home is a stronger predictor of academic achievement and psychological adjustment than time spent in any of the following activities: school, studying, sports, church/religious activities, or art activities. For teens, having regular dinners with parents is a strong predictor of academic success, psychological adjustment, and lower rates of alcohol use, drug use, early sexual behavior, eating disorders, and risk for suicide.”

Something as simple as home-cooked meals can change the lives of your children.

4) It is easier to support local farmers!

Columbia has an amazing Farmer’s Market.  And lucky for you, Simply in Season is an entire cookbook dedicated to recipes that are seasonal.  Check out the online recipe of the week, then visit your local market to find the ingredients you need!  (These sell quickly at The Mustard Seed!)

5) You are an artist.

You are not a car. You do not just consume fuel.  You are a creative human being, and that is reflected in the food you create.  Check out the beautiful meals that people have photographed from Flickr!  Below is “Summer Garden Ratatouille” from pg. 127.

Photo from "Quixotic Pixels" on Flickr

Be fair to yourself.

If you’re ready to try a new art form, come on in and grab one of our cookbooks, some fair trade chocolate, and some of the beans, rice, and nuts we carry.  Fair never tasted so good.

What meals do you enjoy the most?

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