Nov 23

Are you ready for the holidays? Mustard Seed is :)

Get in the decorative spirit with ornaments at Mustard Seed! Among the many different kinds of ornaments, Mustard Seed has beautiful Zari sphere and tree ornaments from Serrv.

These elaborately designed satin spheres are decorated with metallic zari thread and glass beads. Artisans working with Tara Projects handcrafted the ornaments. Tara Projects has been working with Serrv for over twenty years. They are committed not only to community needs of their crafters, but also to the needs of the environment around them.

The intricately decorated tree ornaments are also handcrafted using the traditional Indian technique of embroidery using gold thread and beads. Artisans from Asha Handicrafts created the zari tree ornaments. Asha is Sanskrit for “hope.” Asha Handicrafts is committed to preserving the traditional and diverse crafting traditions in India, while ensuring fair wages for their artisans.

The zari tradition used in both ornaments is a technique of using gold or silver thread, or thread wrapped in metallics to decorate and embroider many different hand crafted goods.

When thinking of gifts, it is also important to think of the gift wrapping for the gifts! At Mustard Seed, there is a large selection of tree-free large and small gift bags from Handmade Expressions!

For an artisan like Wasim, paper making has been part of his family in western India for over eighty years! This art of paper making without trees has been passed down from elders to family today. The bags, and other paper goods, are produced by using recycled cotton rags. Wasim and other artisans hope to carry on this tradition and keep the art alive for many years to come.

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