Jan 30

From scrap metal, to fabulous products from Haiti.

We are highlighting recycled Haiti cut metal from Ten Thousand Villages, today!

We carry a variety of cut metal mirrors, picture frames, sculptures, wall plaques, and many beautiful statues like the one above. These are made by a group of artisans called Haitian Committee of Artisans, otherwise known as CAH. These artisans sell their work through local tourist sales and for export through the fair trade market.

One such artisan of cut metal work for CAH is Jhonson Augustin, shown above, from Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.

He started learning the art of metal work when he was still in school. He was the eldest of 11 children, and their father had left Haiti so Jhonson felt a great deal of responsibility. He needed to learn something to earn income, so that is why he started metal work. He has gone on to become a well-known cut metal artisan in his own right, and trains other apprentices. “Cut metal work represents the wealth of Croix des Bouquets”, says Jhonson. “This is what has made the city famous. This is what God gave me to live; I support my family, I am building a house and I am providing work for others.” He asks God to bless everyone involved in the trade with CAH. “It is a chain of blessing, from the artisans making the product, the product itself, and then to CAH and onto Ten Thousand Villages and right into our store front here in downtown Columbia!

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