Jan 01

there’s always a Better Way!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! To ring in the New Year, we will be getting in new jewelry from Radiant Hope of Better Way Imports!

By supporting meaningful jobs, Better Way Imports seeks to encourage not only a permanent way out of poverty and oppression with dignity, but also provides an opportunity for hope, for a life which people in impoverished situations could never have imagined they would be able to have. Every item purchased or sold through Better Way Imports helps to support women around the world, women who have been rescued from a life they didn’t choose, a life of selling their bodies in the streets to support their families.

Fair Trade is both preventative and restorative to the issue of human trafficking. When fair trade co-operatives exist in communities that would otherwise be vulnerable to human trafficking – the susceptibility is lowered.  Additionally, women who are rescued from brothels and other human trafficking situations often turn to fair trade organizations (or similar vocational training programs) to rebuild their lives and provide the necessary support to keep them out.

Better Way creates Radiant Hope jewelry. These jewelry pieces are handmade by women in the Middle-East that have been rescued from brothels. These women are now able to escape forced prostitution, gendercide, persecution, and war.

We will be getting the following pieces in the store soon!

Abolitionist Necklace

The Abolitionist Necklace on the left has 27 tears, representing the 27 million women and children who are slaves right now. These are on a chain to represent the cruelty of slavery. The Very Berry Bracelet on the right is a statement piece that will turn heads. Each bead is unique!

The crowning touch to each is a key that symbolizes the commitment to abolition that you make when you buy this jewelry and set women free!

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