Mar 29

Green ways to share thoughts.

Use these green ways to express your thoughts and feelings!

Recycled School Paper Journals from Handmade Expressions

These journal’s covers are actually made from recycled school papers that were used, so¬†each of the journals¬†are unique in their own way! The paper is also naturally died with tea leaves.

Tea dyeing is an easy way to mute fabrics or give them an older, antiqued look. Tea stains the fibers and gives a semi-permanent dull brown “dirty” tone to the whole piece. Coffee can be used to dye things as well!

Eco-Friendly Gift Bags from Handmade Expressions

Send gifts to show the ones you love how you feel in these wonderful gift bags that are 100% tree-free, because they are made out of recycled cotton rags! There are large and small sizes, and each one of them is decorated differently perfect for any occasion.

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