Apr 20

Spring-proof your home after Spring Cleaning!

After your spring cleaning, these items would make lovely, spring-time additions to your home!

Stacking Teapot, Cup and Saucer by Ten Thousand Villages

This beautiful, hand-painted and hand-glazed item along with many more were made by the talented artisans at Unimex Hanoi in Vietnam. Vietnam’s blue and white ceramics have been sought after throughout the world since the 15th century. Today, potters blend artistic skill with time honored techniques in the famous pottery village of Bat Trang, just east of Hanoi, where there are as many kilns as houses. Artisans pour clay into molds, and carefully remove the pieces when they are set. Paint and glaze is applied by hand, and when dry, the pottery is fired at very high temperatures, giving it strength and durability.

Soup Dish by SERRV

This item, along with many others, are handcrafted by artisans at Craft Link in Vietnam. They are committed to the principles of fair trade, investing in artisans’ social welfare and guaranteeing fair wages, worker safety, and care of the environment.

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