Jun 17

Fashion Friday!

Mustard Seed is introducing Fashion Fridays!

With Fashion Fridays, we will give you the latest news, looks, and fashion inspiration you’ve been looking for! We will feature Mustard Seed’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories! Also, we might share our favorite ways to wear Ssekos…

This week, one of our volunteers, Hollie, threw together some of our products that look great together!

Hollie is wearing our Mata Traders Maxi Dress. Mata Traders creates amazing clothing and accessories. Their mission is to provide clothing that will help employ, educate and empower women. The dress would be perfect for a nice summer night in Columbia, or maybe a beach vacation in Florida??

To the right you can see she has two bracelets on. The blue one is a Fiddle Head Bracelet and the one below is an Ethnic Pride grass bracelet. The grass bracelet is actually made from palm leaves by the Zenu Indians in North Colombia. So cool!

The cute multi-color bag is a Unique Batik Bag. The artisans at Unique Batik are from Guatemala and Ghana. The use their old traditional methods to create beautiful products.

Lastly, she is wearing Cascada Earrings that are also from Ethnic Pride.  The earrings are made out of vegetable ivory, or Tagua, which comes from a palm-like tree. Between the earrings and bracelets, you can see Ethnic pride uses natural fibers with an artistic touch!

That’s all for Fashion Friday. Let us know if there is anything you are dying to see next Friday!

P.S. Thanks Hollie for being a great model!

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