Aug 15

Cook { With a Purpose

This week’s window product is cookbooks! 
All the cookbooks we carry at Mustard Seed allow you to better understand the food you are cooking with.

Where we sell

The Salad Garden at Columbia Farmer's Market. Photo from http://thesaladgarden-mo.com/sell.php

What is really neat about cooking in Columbia is the ability to get a lot of great, fresh produce! Missouri ranks number 2 in number of farms, with 66% of the state’s land being used for farmland. With that said, it is no wonder why Columbia is able to get a lot of delicious produce. Even better, there is now a Sunday farmer’s market located right in downtown Columbia. Also, every day but Monday, the Root Cellar sells products from Missouri’s diverse farmers and artisan food producers.

With all that fresh produce you can make tons of great meals! Unsure what to make or overwhelmed by the recipes available online? Come in to Mustard Seed, check out our amazing cookbooks and let us make cooking easier for you!

We carry three cookbooks, Simply in Season, Extending the Table, and More with Less all from 10 Thousand Villages.

Simply in Season celebrates local, fresh food, allowing you to better understand what crops are in season, and then shows you how to use those crops in your cooking. The cookbook is organized by seasons. In addition, the cookbook explains each vegetable, when it is in season, how to select, prepare and serve it!

More-with-Less is perfect for people trying to save money. It shares recipes from a wide range of contributors on how to cook healthy, delicious meals with fewer food resources. This edition has stories gathered from 25 years of cooking with More-with-Less.

Lastly, Extending the Table, is for those ready to explore and try new things! Extending the Table has an array of recipes from more the 80 countries!

From Mustard Seed { Understand seasonal crops, use fewer resources & try new recipes!

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